Tuesday, 8 December 2009

One door closes...

...another opens, as the saying goes.

This week, we pass another milestone on the winding road of CAD & BIM skills testing. The much loved CADsmart brand is being superseded by our new name - KnowledgeSmart.

All of our existing CAD skills tools are still available, but we are embarking on a new journey in January, with the introduction of our web-based testing platform.

More and more, we find ourselves involved not just in the traditional realm of CAD skills testing, but also straying into the wider field of learning and knowledge management.

Over the coming months, we'll be broadening the range of design and engineering software applications which can be assessed, whilst at the same time developing a community resource for building even more test content. And we have some exciting plans for our friends in the Revit community coming up in the Spring. Watch this space!

So, this will be our last post on the CADsmart blog. Thank you to all our followers for your comments and feedback over the previous two years.

For the next chapter, please join us at our new blog:

We look forward to the next phase of the journey..


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