Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Viva Las Bristol

While my esteemed colleagues Rory and Tony attend Autodesk University in Vegas I'm staying at the ranch making sure everything carries on working tickety-boo. And there's lots going on - our Revit release is now out of Beta (thanks to all the testers!), we launched our new product-focused website (see below) yesterday, and we're also involved in the Top Daug competition at the aforementioned AU, which saw 235 assessments in its first 3 hours of availability last night, and seemingly zero support issues.

Martin and I will be on tenterhooks tonight though, as apparently the Top Daug machines are going to be still available during the 'Beer Bust', which basically means (for any non-Americans reading this)  drinking lots and larking about. Oh, and networking of course.

The thought of hundreds inebriated people attempting [to break?] our bespoke pared-down version of CADsmart sends a shiver down my spine, as its a million miles away from CADsmart's intended context - a calm, formal, professional, sober atmosphere in which to be assessed. Either way I'll probably be staying up till 4am waiting for an email or two!

If British universities are anything to go by then Rory and Tony will come back from AU with huge debts having learnt nothing, however I suspect Universities are held in higher regard across the pond; I'm sure Autodesk will put on a great gig and R & T will have a great time, meet some great people and learn lots ot new stuff.

OK I'm jealous really. But 22 hours of travelling?


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