Thursday, 16 October 2008

Who borrowed our name!

This month we released Version 6 of CADsmart skills assessment for AutoCAD and MicroStation. To celebrate, we decided we'd embark on our first serious PR campaign.  We sent out information to the many friends we have in the CAD press, CAD industry observers and world renowned CAD gurus.  We also used a number of online Press sites, some of which are free, some you pay for.

The following day we thought it would be fun to see how much of the PR had been picked up by Google.  Doing a search for CADsmart on Google we found that the top result was a sponsored link from an Autodesk reseller, advertising the Autodesk Certification exams -  see the image below

After at first feeling a little shocked we checked with Google that this was actually legal, decent and honest.  Actually, it is!  Anyone can bid on a brand name, including registered trademarks like CADsmart, and use them as keywords for searching -  here is the link for the Google facts -

So beware in case your company's brand name gets hijacked by a competitor.  It's all within the rules, just a bit of sharp (maybe smart ) practice!  Or, if you haven't already done so, why not hijack your competitor's brand and improve your Google results.

Actually it's quite flattering that the Autodesk channel can feel CADsmart are so important that our name is a key search word.  So on reflection it's a real confidence boost to know our growing skills assessment business is taken so seriously in the Autodesk world. 

Finally, we often get asked how CADsmart compares to Autodesk certification exams and next week we'll explain how they fit together in the world of CAD skills assessment.  Until then - farewell and have a great week


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